Our impact

We are proud to support civil servants when times are tough. We listen without judgement and offer practical, financial and emotional support.

drawing of a group of people

We support current, former and retired civil servants when they face tough times.  From mental health struggles and financial assistance to relationship issues, getting through grief, and coping with disability, we’re here to help people stay strong, whatever life brings. We’ve been here for civil servants for generations, providing an umbrella of support when it’s needed.

We were set up in 1886 as a benevolent society to support the widows and orphans of civil servants. We’ve grown and changed over the years and still have the same purpose to support civil servants.

Who we help

We are the occupational charity for more than 1.5 million current and former civil servants (plus their financial dependants).

We support anyone who is currently working in the Civil Service as well as those who have left or retired.

Over the years we have developed our support so we can respond to the needs of our community. We don’t just give financial help but give information, advice and access to a variety of services.


Our impact in 2022

In 2022, we gave almost £2m in financial support. Our information and advice accounted for over 87,000 instances of help.

The cost-of-living crisis started to significantly affect households in 2022. From October we saw a steady increase in applications from people needing our assistance.

We are changing the way we measure help. From 2024, we will be looking at outcomes and their value, rather than instances of help.